Player Health

Injury Management

Prevention and management of injuries, and a focus on safety, are important aspects of the modern game at all levels.
An online interactive sports injury website which provides information on the common injuries that so many players suffer from time to time. It includes early injury treatment techniques, exercises and stretches, and an "ask the experts" section. also provides information on the types of injury, the anatomical causes behind each type and possible sources of aggravation to injuries. Through the “ask the experts” section, coaches can gain specific medical advice and the site also offers a service in locating practitioners in specific locations.

Download the Management of Concussion in Australian Football


Fitness is vital for footballers to ensure they are equipped to last a full season, from the heavy demands of pre-season training to fine-tuning for finals.

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Australian Football takes a lot out of the body. Players need to eat correctly before the game to ensure they have sufficient energy to get through a game.